Pastor Andrew D. Urshan

Pastor Urshan D. Urshan

Dear Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

It is my great honor and priviledge to minister the word of God.  At El-Bethel, we are blessed with the presence of the One true living God in our midst.  We study the Bible and its teachings and pray fervently always for the light of the message of Truth and for our Salvation through the mighty works of God.  

Through this ministry, it is our sincere hope that you find answers to your questions and that you are led in the way of truth.  We encourage our church family and web site viewers to offer feedback and comments on our ministry and web site. 

May God continue His work in using us mightily to greatly spread His message of peace, love and forgiveness.  

Truly, it is our great pleasure.

In Jesus name,

Pastor Andrew D. Urshan